JJ IconOne-third of the On the NBA Beat triumvirate, Joshua Jonah Fischman brings a certain je ne sais quoi to the enterprise. Armed with a creative writing background and a lethal pen, our boy has studied under the Poet Laureate of California and some of the top screenwriters, novelists and playwrights in the entertainment industry. Joshua, a former point guard with hella handles and dirty dimesmanship, is a monstrous Clippers and Celtics fan, and he has written extensively on basketball for publications such as Vantage Sports and the Davis Sports Deli.

A lover of character who prefers writing and speaking in the present tense, Joshua relishes the opportunity to interview journalists and other basketball personalities. What makes them tick? Why do people still use this cliché? What time does Chipotle close on Sundays?

Joshua’s all-time favorite NBA players are Lamar Odom (the Clippers’ iteration) and Baron Davis (the-decidedly-not-Clippers’ version). Several years ago, Fischman combined his passions for basketball and screenwriting, when he had the opportunity to e-mail his screenplay to Baron, the award-winning producer.

The USC graduate resides in Los Angeles and sleeps on his side.