Harrison Barnes has been a huge part of the Warriors success this season. (nikk_la/Flickr)

Harrison Barnes has been a huge part of the Warriors’ success this season. (nikk_la/Flickr)

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As Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors continue to make history, Andy Liu of SB Nation’s Golden State of Mind comes by to drop some knowledge. He opines on the team’s dominant 19-0 start, Stephen Curry’s MVP play, the Warriors’ biggest weakness (huh? they have one?), their underrated front-office selflessness and so much more.

Here are some juicy bites:

6:30-6:55 Curry’s core strength: “He’s bigger now than he was before, but really the way he’s moving his body is allowing him to stay more grounded and less flimsy when he’s running around. And I think that’s really helped in terms of allowing him to drive aggressively without getting hurt, without getting scared of getting hurt.”

14:30–14:50 The Harrison Barnes enigma: I think he’s overrated in terms of the potential he has…but he’s also underrated in that some people on the other side of the spectrum think he’s not very good…and he only makes open shots and he does what he has to do because it’s easy.”

16:30-16:55 Draymond Green’s importance to the dominant, small-ball lineup: “The ‘death lineup’ doesn’t happen without him. And he’s also the most vocal guy on the team, easily. They call him the heartbeat…he’s the guy that brings the fire out.”

20:45-21:10 What separates Golden State: “The main strength that I saw on the bench for the Warriors is the intelligence, the mental IQ when they’re on the court. I think that that’s the biggest difference in terms of what they can do and what other teams can do. In terms of athleticism itself, I don’t think they are incredibly, vastly higher than anyone else, any other team.”

26:30-27:05 A rare Warriors weakness: “They’re smart enough to run those (motion) plays, but if you’re enveloping Steph with one person, their offense does drag, and it shows in the numbers when he’s off the court, which is obvious because he’s the best player in the world…And I think there is only one person in the world that will slow him down. I think that is Kawhi. So everything goes back to the Spurs I guess.”

Music: “Who Likes to Party?” by Kevin MacLeod