Anthony Davis is off to a great start this season, but can the Pelicans' supporting cast help him translate that into wins? (Keith Allison/Flickr)

Anthony Davis is off to a great start this season, but can the Pelicans’ supporting cast help him translate that into wins (Keith Allison/Creative Commons)?

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As expected, three games into the 2016-17 season, Anthony Davis is putting up monster averages of 37.7 points, 12.3 rebounds, 3.0 blocks and 2.7 steals per game, including an almost unfathomable performance in the season opener where he racked up 50 points, 17 rebounds, five assists, four blocks and five steals against the Denver Nuggets. Unfortunately, for all his effort, the Pelicans still have no wins to show for it. Mason Ginsberg of ESPN Truehoop’s Bourbon Street Shots details what the Pelicans need to do over the course of this season to turn that around. Additionally, he expounds on the disappointment of last year’s injury-filled season, the many roster moves made in the offseason and need for a sense of urgency around the team.

5:12-5:26 On how Quincy Pondexter’s injury last year affected the team and his uncertain timetable to return this season:

“Quincy [Pondexter] was their only plus defender who could really stretch the floor and [needed to be] defended from the 3-point line and missing him was just huge. Again, it’d be really helpful to get him back, but no real certainty on when that’s going to happen.”

10:13-11:05 On Anthony Davis’ still developing game and the myriad of injuries he has suffered over his career:

“He’s only 23 years old still. He’s developing into more of a stronger figure. That’s going to help him play more minutes at the 5, which he vocally did not want to do at the start of his career… I think now he’s realizing that’s where the NBA game is going; he’s been playing more and more 5 every year. I’m optimistic about AD from an injury perspective. There’s been nothing that really sticks out as a major red flag… All things considered, I’d rather have him have a bunch of random injuries than keep injuring the same thing over and over again”

15:23-15:46 Setting expectations for Buddy Hield’s rookie season:

“Watching him play, from what I’ve seen so far, it’s almost ironic because it seems as much a confidence issue than anything. He’s timid. He’s not playing with the same kind of confidence that you saw at Oklahoma or even sometimes in the preseason. I think he’s going to be fine – again, small sample size – but he’s also a rookie. He’s going to struggle on defense. He’s going to turn the ball over. He’s going to help space the floor for the Pelicans, but he’s also going to hurt them too.”

18:00-18:42 On the many offseason acquisitions for the Pelicans:

“The additions they’ve had this offseason are to really shore up that defense and give Darren Ermon, who they brought in basically as their defensive coordinator, some tools to work with. The number of times last season I saw him just throw his hands up in the air in disgust on the sideline was too many to count. It was rough. Now they have guys who can defend multiple positions, who can switch on screens a little more.”

22:25-22:58 On the future role for Tyreke Evans:

“It just really seems like all of the Pelicans’ moves this offseason were made with the thought of Tyreke not really being a factor for the Pelicans this year. I don’t think Tyreke is going to play in the starting lineup, I just don’t see it. I think if he comes back, it’s going to be as a sixth-man type role off the bench. I just don’t think he fits with Gentry’s style at least with the starters. And then him and Lance Stephenson are very redundant players, so I’m not sure how you could use both of those guys.”

25:23-26:03: “It seems like people keep talking about and piling on that AD has no help and that the roster is pretty much just a dumpster fire around him. I just don’t see it that way. Like I said, it’s not great, but they’ve got a lot of players who I think are versatile and can do different things. It’s just they’re in a tough spot without that secondary guy like a Jrue Holiday around them. I think it’s important to keep an eye on the Pelicans throughout the year and see how things change. If things don’t change and it’s still a mess, you’re going to see some major, major changes at the top.”

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