Lonzo Ball has reeled our guest Matt Hill back into being a full-fledged Lakers fan (TonytheTiger/Wikimedia Commons).

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The creative Matt Hill, Super Hoopers cofounder and cohost, graces us with his presence, as we discuss a wide selection of topics, ranging from his viral animated comedy web series “Spurs Special Forces” to Lonzo Ball, bandwagon fans and so much more. A trio of excerpts can be found below:

6:50-7:06: Matt discusses longtime friend Randall Park [actor-comedian]’s unique contributions to “Spurs Special Forces.” 

“He’s just an old friend. So I was doing the Spurs [Special Forces video], and I thought it’d be funny to have him even though he knows nothing about basketball. He has no idea who Manu Ginobili is. Basically his impression of Manu Ginobili is almost like half-Scarface. It’s like a high-pitched Scarface.”

23:28-24:01: Why is Matt growing really excited about the Lakers once again? It all points back to one particular rookie. 

“Right now, I am all in on the Lakers because of Lonzo Ball. I just love everything I’m seeing with him in terms of his personality, his leadership, all the stories you hear about him when he was a kid, him taking teammates under his wing. I love “Ball in the Family,” the Facebook show. I love his raps. I’m uncomfortable with how invested I am in Lonzo Ball. And also watching him in summer league…he’s electrifying. It’s edge of your seat, and those are summer league games.”

29:24-29:42: The topic of “bandwagon” fandom comes up with our guest arguing from a unique perspective. He closes with an example from his family.   

“I just spoke highly of my grandpa. My grandpa was like the biggest bandwagon fan out there. When the Clippers were good, I went home, and the guy had Clipper socks on, a Clipper sweater and a Clipper hat on. I was like, ‘What happened, grandpa?’ He’s like, ‘Man, I’m 85, all right? I don’t got too much time left. I’m rooting for the team that’s good.’”

*You can find all of Matt’s Youtube videos here.

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